The Maori national anthem (must-learn)

Maori National Anthem

The national anthem in Maori is a must learn when learning Maori. Why? Not only because it’s relatively short and easy to remember, but because it’s another simple way to incorporate Maori into every day life.

Sing it out loud and proud at every rugby game, national sporting event, parade, or where ever else it may be!

New Zealand National Anthem in Māori LYRICS:

E Ihowa Atua,

(Oh Lord, God)

O ngā iwi mātou rā,

(Of nations and of us too)

Āta whakarongona;

(Listen to us)

Me aroha noa

(Cherish us)

Kia hua ko te pai;

(Let goodness) flourish,

Kia tau tō atawhai;

(May your blessings flow)

Manaakitia mai




Fun fact: The Māori version was written by T H Smith in 1878.