Days and months in Maori

Months in Maori

Once again, by simply integrating basic Maori vocabulary into your day to day life, you’ll be surprised how quickly you learn Maori.

Translated, months of the year in Te Reo Maori is: Ngā Marama o te Tau

There are actually two versions of months that you can use in Maori. One version, called the ‘Kupu Arotau’ (loan words) are used more traditionally by Maori speakers.

However, contemporary Maori learning environments tend to favour the Ngā Marama o te Tau, which is what we recommend that you favour learning here for the sake of easily remembering them.

Months of the Year in Maori

Ngā Marama o te Tau, Kupu Arotau (loan words)

January: Kohitātea, Hanuere

February: Hui-tanguru, Pēpuere

March: Poutū-te-rangi, Maehe

April: Paenga-whāwhā, Āperira

May: Haratua, Mei

June: Pipiri, Hune

July: Hōngongoi, Hūrae

August: Here-turi-kōkā, Ākuhata

September: Mahuru, Hepetema

October: Whiringa-ā-nuku, Ōketopa

November: Whiringa-ā-rangi, Noema

December: Hakihea, Tīhema


Days of the week in Maori

Translated, days of the week is: Ngā Rā o te Wiki

Consistent with months in Maori, there are two versions you can use. We’ve also included the Kupu Arotau words too.

Helpful tip: just focus on one version for now so you can use consistent words.

Days of the Week

Ngā Rā o te Wiki, Kupu Arotau (Loan word)

Monday: Rāhina, Mane

Tuesday: Rātū, Turei

Wednesday: Rāapa, Wenerei

Thursday: Rāpare, Taite

Friday: Rāmere, Paraire

Saturday: Rāhoroi, Hatarei

Sunday: Rātapu, Rātapu