Learn Maori

Learn Maori

The good news is that Maori has been named one of the easiest languages to learn. While it’s easiest to learn a language from a young age, you can start learning at any time during your life.

Resources to learn Maori

Community education

In most main centres there are community education centres, many of which offer Maori classes.

AUT (Auckland university of technology)

Runs free Maori language classes for beginner and intermediate levels.

Wellington community education

Offers low cost night classes for all introductory levels of Te Reo.

Rising Holme Christchurch

Provides Maori Language courses that are term based.

Learn Maori Online

There are many online websites to learn Maori. Many of these courses are free too.

Toku Reo

Check out this 5 part series to learn Maori. Exercises are broken down into simple to manage parts, complete with their own activities. Learn Maori greetings, Maori vocabulary and simple grammar too.

Free Maori courses: Te Wananga Aotearoa

If you can’t make it to specific classes due to other commitments, but want to work through a more structured course, then you can try a free Maori Language course which include friendly certificate programmes.

Learn Maori with books

Books are a highly recommended way of learning, because you can keep them right by your bedside and study consistently, without the added pressure of attended a course or classes.

Learn at your own pace with these books.

Maori: A Linguistic Introduction

This is the most Maori language textbook style recommendation in this list, but you’ll be sure to advance your Maori speaking skills. In this book you’ll learn Maori dialects, sounds and grammar as well as history and a community overview of what’s been done to revive the language.

Maori Made Easy

A very popular book to learn Maori, Maori made easy is designed to use every day to further your Maori speaking skills. With 4.8 out of 5 stars reviews, this is a fun, relevant and simple approach to learning Maori today!

Maori Myths and Legends

Want to get a bit more context for learning Maori? Learning Maori myths and legends can be a great way to get a better sense of Maori culture, history and stories. Great for the kids, these popular Maori myths and legends will be a fantastic way to integrate learning Maori with light reading.

Tips for learning Maori

Use a variety of learning methods

Using a number of methods to learn Maori will help you significantly to learn the language. This includes Maori podcasts, music and television like Maori TV.

Incorporate Maori in daily life

The more you use Maori in day to day activities, the easier it’ll be to learn the language. Try using Maori greetings in your emails or at the local store while you’re doing the shopping. Remember, Maori is an official language so everyone will embrace using it!

Practice a little bit each day

A bit part of learning Maori is memorising vocabulary. If you spend just 5 minutes per day recapping what you know so far, you’re much more likely to remember it!