Useful Maori Greetings You Can Learn In 5 Minutes

Te Reo Māori, one of New Zealand's 3 official languages, is spoken widely across the country. While English is definitely the main language of choice, whether you're working, traveling or studying, using a Maori greeting every day can be a fantastic way to be a part of the language, and the culture.

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Basic Māori greetings you can learn in 5 minutes

Kia ora (kee oh-ruh): Hi

Probably one of the most well-known Maori greetings, this is an informal way to say 'hi'.

Mōrena (moh-reh-nuh): Good morning

This is the most widely used greeting for good morning, which you can use around the country.

Tēnā koutou (teh-nah koh-toh): Formal greeting (to more than one person)

In Maori, you can use a different greeting if talking to more than one person. While this greeting is more formal, you might hear some using it at a gathering like a Pōwhiri.

Just in case you're wondering,

Use tēnā koe (teh-nah kw-eh) when talking to a single person
and tēnā kōrua (teh-nah koh-roo-ah) when addressing two people.
Haere mai (hi-reh my): Welcome

You might see this in common NZ locations, for example, if you just arrive at the airport, this may be written somewhere! 

Haere rā (ha-eh-reh rah): Goodbye (from a person who’s staying)

This phrase is also common in exit signs!

E noho rā (eh noh-hoh rah): Goodbye (said by someone who’s leaving)

You may hear this farewell on a Maori broadcast or something similar. One broadcasting channel you might hear it is Radio New Zealand.

Useful Maori phrases

Here are a few Maori phrases that you could try out, along with your greetings. We recommend you check out our Maori phrases post for a more comprehensive list!

Tu meke (too meh-keh): Too much

Contrary to what you might think, this one is meant to show appreciation. ‘Too much’ i.e. tu meke is a slang term used when telling someone they did a good job, or as an alternative to saying ‘awesome’.

Ka pai (kah pie): Good

A colloquial way – used by Kiwis of all ages – to show approval or to tell someone they did a good job.

Kia kaha (key-uh kah-huh): Be strong

An affirmation often used to show support during tough times. Think of it as an equivalent to ‘my thoughts are with you’.

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